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VOTE for the official YIMBY Mascot

12 nominees (out of 37 submissions) for YIMBY Mascot are below. VOTING CAN ONLY BE DONE IN PERSON, at the registration desk at YIMBY Town. At the YIMBY Conference. The First round of Voting opens tonight (July 13th) and closes at noon tomorrow (July 14th)

Tomorow around 1pm I will post the six most popular potential mascots. Voting will be open again until noon on July 15th.

I'll post the top three mascots by 1pm on the 15th and voting will reopen. Voting will close at 10:15 am on Sunday the 16th, and I will annouce the winner immediately before the closing remarks.

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"It's a symbol of the class warfare that has been shoved down our throats by the landed gentry: link


Bees are great at working collectively and build amazing structures. And although sometimes initially disliked, in the end they make an area more vibrant (by pollinating flowers).

they are social, prefer high density accommodations, love cross pollination. Plus, you can actually have a hive in your backyard.


Dandelions can grow anywhere, and online people obsessed with suburban style perfect lawns root them out. They also are persistent, you blow on them and they fly to another corner to settle.

I nominate the dandelion. They happily settle in dense multi-flower clusters and they actively encourage new neighbors to grow!

Hermit Crab

Hermit crabs do a housing swap where larger crabs hand down their shells to smaller crabs. link It's Similar to new housing eventually becoming more affordable.


Humans should have the right to flourish anywhere, regardless of local opposition.


As composite flowers, each sunflower is actually made up of hundreds if not thousands of smaller flowers, grouped together into a single flower-like structure - just like how dense multifamily housing is anywhere from a few to a few thousand homes grouped together into a single building. Sometimes sunflowers even grow in bunches in a single stalk. They reach impressive heights (as tall as 6ft), and like to grow close together in fields - a single sunflower on its own seems out of place. For more on composite flowers, see

Coral Reef

Coral is an animal that creates and fosters complex ecosystems by building lasting structures and welcoming many other species. The health of a reef is dependent on its diversity and the intimate interplay of other plants and animals. When they succeed, they are beautiful and experiencing them is highly sought.

Also red coral's shape lends itself to stylized line iconography :)

bc they build on top of each other


These beautiful flowers remind me of high-rise apartments with their densely packed blooms clustered around tall stems. The plant has medicinal uses in treating heart conditions, and is native to Europe, Asia, and Africa. Possible downside of association: "The entire plant is toxic (including the roots and seeds)."


It has a history as a symbol of welcoming.

Social Weaver Bird

Not only are they social in nature but they also build the biggest (some say most dense) nests of any other bird. They're widely known as the "Hilton Family of the Bird World" because they rent out extra rooms to birds of other species. Finally, their nests can last for over 100 years, they're also LEED Platinum but I can't prove that last one.

St. Josephs Lilly

St.Joseph is considered to be the saint of home buyers and seekers, probably because he was a carpenter. Their is a tradition of burying his statue on plots of land that people are trying to sell for luck.


Because they are the animals that do the most building.