Balboa Reservoir

Balboa Park was created in 1909 and built up over time. Well, to a point. We're here to build it more.

Meeting May 5th

Balboa Reservoir is a 17-acre City owned site that the Mayor’s office has prioritized for housing. Unfortunately, the neighborhood is mostly single family homes, and the people there are very resistant to the idea of “renters” (the code word they use for poor people) living in the neighborhood. They also don’t like the idea of any large buildings or change.

As it is currently zoned, this huge space 2 blocks from the Balboa Park BART and at the intersection of several transit lines could easily be wasted on a few hundred homes. SFBARF is pushing for the MAXIMUM possible transit oriented mixed income housing on this public site.

THIS DEVELOPMENT IS CODE RED! The neighbors are trying their best to kill it or minimize it. 3500 may not be possible, but your involvement could make the difference between 400 and 1000, 2000, or 3000.

If you live in Southwestern San Francisco, or anywhere near the Balboa Park BART, and want your kids to be able to live in the city one day, it is critical that you make your voice heard at this meeting.

Required Reading (or just skim it)

Site Study Flowchart
Area Plan
The official public document detailing BR's intended future.
Meeting Results
Read the "What We Learned Section" for a fast update.
Discussion Group
Neighborhood people, SF Planning and SFBARF are on this.

Concept Housing

This 3,500 unit concept is inspired by the hills of SF. The buildings range from 7 to 21 floors, with a border of 3-story townhouses where they meet the existing houses at the west. Green roofs are connected by bridges. 1st floor is retail space.

The unit mix is 40% family (2BR-4BR), 30% senior (studios and 1BR), 20% standard (studios-2BR), and 10% microunit (300 sf studios) Average unit size is 733 square feet.

Want to view it from a different angle? Download the 3D model.


Most floors have access to roof decks or courtyards cut out of the building. oops

The view from outside is similar to looking at a hill with houses on it. oops

Most of the buildings have an efficient 60'x220' or 60'x150' floor plan. oops