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The Method

From August 19th to September 8th members of the SFBA Renters' Federation debated the ballot measures and voted on their endorsements online. See the online form here. Each ballot measure could be scored between 0 (hate it) and 5 (love it) or voters could pick "No Opinon/ PAC should not endorse." While voting was open, members could change our votes as often as we liked.

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The Results

By the close of voting, if 51% of respondents voted "No Opinion ... " on a ballot proposition, the PAC did not endorse. If the average score was between 2 & 3 the PAC did not endorse. By the time of closing, 79 members voted. Final averages:

The relative sizes of the fonts in the slate card correspond to the percentage of voters that weighed in on that measure. Besides G & H, which did not receive enough votes either way to warrant an endorsement, our most tepid endorsements are of Props B & C. Only 55% of respondents weighed in on those. Our most entusiastic endorsement is No on I, followed closely by Yes on A.

Endorsing Julie Christensen Was Not Subject to Debate.

Aaron Peskin is a NIMBY for Hire.
Most recently he interfered with building Treasure Island- 8,000 units, room for 20,000 people - held up for 3 years. That's 2.5x as many people as were suppoesedly displaced in the Mission since 2000.

Peskin interferes with non-housing related public projects also.
From 2004 to 2007, San Francisco jumped on board an ambitious proposal by Google and Earthlink to bring free, city-wide WiFi to the entire city, at no cost to taxpayers. The proposal stumbled and then drowned in the city planning process. What should have taken months took years as the Board of Supervisors under Aaron Peskin dragged its feet.

Aaron is a NIMBY and a vengeful machine politician.
For example, while he was board president, developers were ready to begin construction on a nine-unit building at 701 Lombard St. But some neighborhood activists, including the Telegraph Hill Dwellers, objected, saying that the triangular property was better suited for a park. Peskin decided to take the unprecedented stance of obtaining the private property through eminent domain. The developers called it an abuse of the public process. The North Beach Chamber of Commerce agreed. Next thing you know, for the first time in its 14 year existance, the Chamber of Commerce sponsored North Beach Festival failed to get its permit to serve alcohol, which led the festival to be cancelled.

In 2005 Peskin defunded Mission Housing Development Corporation (MHDC) leaving the Mission without an affordable housing developer for the last decade.
Then Executive Director Carlos Romero used MHDC staff time, vehicles and office supplies to help Peskin's campaign for supervisor. This activity risked both MHDC's 501(c)(3) status and their ability to receive HUD grants, so the MHDC board fired Romero. In response, Peskin defunded MHDC.

NIMBY stands for "Not in MY Back Yard." Approving projects in other peoples' neighborhoods doesn't mean Peskin isn't a NIMBY, it proves he surely is. Yeah, the Rincons were approved on Peskin's watch, and Peskin came out as No on I. None of that makes up for a decade of obstructionism.