These groups are involved in getting more housing built in the SF Bay area.

Friends of SFHAC

The San Francisco Housing Action Coalition (SFHAC) is a member-supported nonprofit that advocates for the creation of well-designed, well-located housing, at all levels of affordability, to meet the needs of San Franciscans, present and future. We get smart housing policy enacted by bringing the housing community together and supporting good projects and legislation at City Hall.

Grow SF

Grow SF empowers community stakeholders to advocate for affordable and market rate housing, with the ultimate goal of bringing down the cost of housing in San Francisco and the Bay Area. We believe many of our current policies have far reaching unintended negative consequences, often falling most heavily on San Francisco’s vulnerable populations, increasing homelessness and displacement while driving up the cost of living for everyone. Increasing the Bay Area housing stock will have a long term positive impact, improving our community’s economic and social well-being while reducing our environmental footprint.

Sunnyvale Cool

Sunnyvale Cool is a sustainability group that has been working on land use and transportation from a sustainability perspective, supporting denser housing in transit-rich areas, a better mix of uses in new plan areas, to foster a shift from the extremely car-heavy transportation mix.

Mountainview Coalition for Sustainable Planning

The Mountain View Coalition for Sustainable Planning is a group of local volunteers dedicated to making Mountain View as beautiful, economically healthy, transit, bicycle, and pedestrian accessible, and affordable as possible.

San Jose BARF

SJBARF/SJYIMBY is the San Jose branch of SFBARF

Imagine Menlo

We are a group of residents who are excited to imagine a vibrant future for Menlo Park. A future where we can live, work, and play in our own city. We imagine a Menlo Park with more options for our families to gather together and for us to meet for coffee or drinks with our friends; with more options for our young singles to live near jobs and nightlife and for our seniors to live near shops and services; with more opportunities for us to seek employment close to home and with more options for where we can live.

Palo Alto Forward

Palo Alto Forward aims to shape and manage growth in the right places. Among their targets are managed parking, mitigating building impacts, building safe pedestrian infrastructure, incentivising public infrastructure, and a host of others. They want to "build for the future" by enabling thriving school systems, creating housing near work, and building mixed-use buildings. They champion specific plans with these goals in mind.

Balanced Mountain View

The campgain for a balanced Mountain View was formed in March, 2014 as an educational campaign organized to promote not only a better balance between jobs and housing in Mountain View, but also to sustain the economic, ethnic, and cultural diversity of our community.

Friends of Caltrain

Friends of Caltrain is a nonprofit grass-roots advocacy organization supporting stable funding for Caltrain and better service. We have over 3000 supporters in the San Francisco Peninsula Corridor between San Francisco and San Jose, including all cities on the line.