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--> Info on the Lafayette lawsuit

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Put your email address & address in our database. Get a voter guide. Maybe 4 emails/ year.

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This is a googlegroup that covers all Bay Area housing topics. You better enable the forums tab in your gmail inbox because there are about 6 posts/ day.

What is the SF Bay Area Renters' Federation?
SFBARF is an unincorporated club of pro-building, pro-density renters. Housing shortage is bad for renters (and good for homeowners, incidentally). High prices are merely a symptom of the underlying shortage. Fixing prices won't solve the shortage problem. Without an increase in overall yearly production of housing in the Bay Area, we will continue to suffer from displacement, crowding and exploitation from landlords. For more information read an interview here with the founder of SFBARF. Even more press can be found here.

San Francisco Residential Nexus Analysis: Not legally adequate. Read why here.

VOTE for the Official YIMBY Mascot

Click here for more info.

You can only vote in person at the conference, if you're not at the conference, try to get someone who is at the conference vote your way. Or come through! The conference is at Oakstop in Oakland from 6pm on Thursday July 13th to noon on Sunday 16th. More info here.

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