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This is a googlegroup that covers all Bay Area housing topics. You better enable the forums tab in your gmail inbox because there are about 6 posts/ day.

What is the SF Bay Area Renters' Federation?
SFBARF is an unincorporated club of pro-building, pro-density renters. Housing shortage is bad for renters (and good for homeowners, incidentally). High prices are merely a symptom of the underlying shortage. Fixing prices won't solve the shortage problem. Without an increase in overall yearly production of housing in the Bay Area, we will continue to suffer from displacement, crowding and exploitation from landlords. For more information read an interview here with the founder of SFBARF. Even more press can be found here.

San Francisco Residential Nexus Analysis: Not legally adequate. Read why here.


Here is the slideshow referenced in the video.

How to start your own political club


We are still (as of March 26, 2017) waiting for a decision from the judge

Hello Renters' Federation!

The national news might be depressing, but here in the Bay Area, we are fighting for more housing. You can help by making a tax deductible donation to support our pro-housing lawsuits and our advocacy for better state laws. If you work at a big company, your employer will probably match your donation. If you have a DAF, advise your fund to send your money to us. You already took the tax deduction.

Our lawsuit against the City of Lafayette for refusing to build 315 apartments, and trying to build 44 single family homes instead, is moving right along. Our trial date is January 25th, 9am, at Contra Costa County Superior Court in Martinez. Please come watch & support if possible.

Here is very good ABC7 news coverage of the Lafayette suit: ABC7

Read all the Lafayette docs here.

We had a very fast victory in the City of Berkeley just before the election. The City Council voted to disapprove 3 zoning compliant single family houses proposed at 1310 Haskell Street. We quickly filed a petition asking the Superior Court to overturn the decision. The City agreed, and now the City Council will rehear the project. Read more here. In addition, the City of Berkeley will now include a section in every staff report explicitly evaluating whether the housing development project is subject to the Housing Accountability Act ("HAA"). This is a big deal. To find out more about why, ask me or Brian in person, perhaps on December 7th.

Lawsuits are effective, and expensive. Our legal strategy is to enforce the good state laws that already exist, but are underenforced. It is already working. The results from last year were very good. And we will have to continue this strategy for at least another year.

Last year we raised and spent or committed about $250,000. Last year's expenses were one full time employee (me, Sonja) and two lawsuits. Next year's expenses will be two full time employees (welcome aboard Brian Hanlon) and at least twice as many lawsuits. We made incredible progress this year, but we also let good lawsuits pass because we didn't have the resources to pursue them.

This #GivingTuesday I want to raise $50,000. It sounds like a lot, but it's not. Just 4 Google employees maxing out their matching funds would raise $24,000, that's half way there. Raising $50,000 from our mailing list will put Brian & me in a good position to go back to our institutional funders and ask for even bigger money. My experience raising money is that for every dollar we raise in "small" (< $1000) donations, we get $6 more from big funders.

This year we'll make a proper resource guide for planners, legislative aids, zoning board members, commissioners, councilpeople, supervisors and interested members of the general public. Part of that project will be publishing the Order we got in Berkeley. Find out more about that too on December 7th, 6pm.

It depends on how much we raise, and what people seem excited about.

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